Services to help you to achieve your goals

Global Asset Verification

The Trusteed-Services team has many years experience in verifying the identity and location of hidden assets located around the world. These assets include all classes of real property, marine vessels, fixed wing and rotor aircraft, earth moving equipment, industrial machinery and vehicles.

Global Asset Protection

Once the Trusteed Services team has verified the subject assets, we formulate a plan of protecting those assets.  This could be as simple as rekeying real property or securing the personal property assets in place.

Global Asset Recovery

If determined that the subject assets aren’t secure in place, our team will model a custom strategy to recover the asset and relocate it to a secured facility.

Global Asset Management

Once we have determined the asset to be secure, our team will then provide turn key management of the asset until the client is ready to sell or take over themselves. 

National On-site Document Shredding

Once the engagement nears the end and all that is left are documents, we can help there too.  The Trustee Services team proves onsite HIPAA compliant document shredding for all medical, employee, legal, accounting, operation and transaction files.